Boulter’s Streamlined Fabrication Process: Saving You Time and Money

At Boulter, our steel fabrication shop features a collection of high-quality equipment to streamline the entire fabrication process. By offering many different fabrication processes under one roof, we enable you to more effectively manage the cost of your project. From design to product manufacturing, our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to produce a high-quality product … Continue reading Boulter’s Streamlined Fabrication Process: Saving You Time and Money

Turning Pilot Brewery Concept into Reality

The beer industry is booming in New York, and while traditional lagers haven’t lost their appeal, pilot breweries are opening a world of tap and tasting room opportunities. Recently, a recognized brewing company came to us in need of installation services for their 3,000-square-foot innovation brewery slated to open in Fall 2018. Specializing in smaller … Continue reading Turning Pilot Brewery Concept into Reality

Machinery Moves Made Easy

If you’re a machine shop looking to purchase a new machine, you probably spend hours searching for the perfect piece of equipment, right? Why not spend as much time looking for the right company to install that machinery? Since you've already done your part, it's time to let Boulter handle the rest! We understand the … Continue reading Machinery Moves Made Easy

Boulter to host recognized Lift & Move program

Mark your calendars! Boulter is scheduled to host a Lift & Move USA event on May 9, 2019. Spearheaded by the SC&RA, SC&R Foundation, KHL Group, and NCCCO, Lift & Move USA was launched to address the shortage of skilled labor by promoting careers in the manufacturing and construction sector. To showcase all the opportunities … Continue reading Boulter to host recognized Lift & Move program

Get to Know Tom Barry and Jim O’Neil

We are pleased to announce that Tom Barry and Jim O'Neil have recently transitioned to new positions here at Boulter.  Tom Barry has been named Fabrication Shop Supervisor and Jim O'Neil has been selected as Job Superintendent and Scheduling Coordinator.  With years of field experience, both individuals bring a wealth of knowledge to their new … Continue reading Get to Know Tom Barry and Jim O’Neil

Innovation in Motion: Assembling indoor slides for a local tech firm

  Recently, a general contractor came to us with a request to transport and assemble two stainless steel, corkscrew slides in an office building.  The units were first sent to our warehouse, where they remained in storage until the area was ready.  Next, when the site was accessible, the items were transported to our client’s … Continue reading Innovation in Motion: Assembling indoor slides for a local tech firm

When we say toolbox…

We just added two new toolboxes to our fleet of equipment! And when we say toolbox, we’re not talking an average toolbox.  Boulter’s toolboxes, also known as “gang boxes,” stand at a whopping five feet tall and can weigh anywhere between 4,800 to 6,000 pounds. They are fully equipped with state-of-the-art gear, ensuring that we … Continue reading When we say toolbox…

Moving the Past for the Future

Frederick Douglass, the famed abolitionist and human rights advocate, called Rochester, New York home for twenty-five years. This year, Rochester celebrates the late leader’s 200th birthday.  As part of the city-wide effort to commemorate the notable event, students from the University of Rochester’s digital imaging class wanted to show their appreciation for the historic trailblazer … Continue reading Moving the Past for the Future

Beyond the Crate

For many years, Boulter has proudly offered high-quality custom crating and packaging services across a wide range of industries. Our primary goal is to prepare equipment for safe transport while maintaining a superior level of customer service throughout the process. If you need a company to crate and package your equipment for domestic or international … Continue reading Beyond the Crate