Employee Spotlight: Brittany Arsenault

In the ever-changing world of marketing, it is imperative for companies to keep abreast of the latest advances in technology, software, and methodologies. So how does a business stay on top of this dynamic landscape? You hire an in-house marketing specialist.

Marketing Guru by TradeHeadshots

Native to upstate New York, Brittany remained close to her roots when she left for college, attending SUNY Oswego and graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.  Shortly after finishing school, she moved to Rochester where she received a position at a small, family-owned and operated entertainment venue.  It was in this role that she started to dabble in the realm of social media marketing. By leveraging the power of social media and building two additional platforms, she brought tremendous growth to the venue. However, after two years in the entertainment industry, Brittany decided it was time to expand her horizons.

In pursuit of a more fast-paced lifestyle, Brittany made the jaunt from New York to New Jersey to join the marketing team at northern New Jersey’s only Level I Trauma Center. Although challenging, Brittany was able to grow her communications and design skills by solely managing the hospital’s seven social media accounts.

In her words, “One of my favorite things to hear about this organization was ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’, and that couldn’t be more accurate.  However, working with a great group of individuals in that type of demanding environment made me into the marketing professional I am today.”

What Drew Brittany to Boulter?

“When I first applied for the position, I wasn’t completely certain of what was involved with an industrial contracting company but that’s why I was drawn to this organization—because of the versatility.  I believe the skills that I developed with my previous positions will allow me to grow with Boulter.”

Boulter New PictureBrittany’s Typical Day

If she isn’t tagging along on job sites, you can find Brittany in the office diligently working behind the scenes monitoring and maintaining Boulter’s social media channels and building the Boulter brand. While her daily responsibilities may vary, the overall goal remains the same: position Boulter as the leading provider of industrial contracting services in upstate New York.

Avid Traveler by Choice

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their dog Burrito 11241794_10205543745368004_3328920505552218603_n(Tito), a Corgi/Shiba Inu mix.  She is also passionate about traveling and enjoys taking spontaneous weekend trips with her friends. To date, Brittany’s overseas trips include exploring the canals of Venice, the streets of old San Juan, and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.  However, she hopes to venture further into parts of Europe in the next few years.


Want to learn more about Boulter’s marketing initiatives?

Give Brittany a shout in the comments below.



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