Employee Spotlight: Brittany Arsenault

In the ever-changing world of marketing, it is imperative for companies to keep abreast of the latest advances in technology, software, and methodologies. So how does a business stay on top of this dynamic landscape? You hire an in-house marketing specialist.

Marketing Guru by TradeHeadshots

Native to upstate New York, Brittany remained close to her roots when she left for college, attending SUNY Oswego and graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.  Shortly after finishing school, she moved to Rochester where she received a position at a small, family-owned and operated entertainment venue.  It was in this role that she started to dabble in the realm of social media marketing. By leveraging the power of social media and building two additional platforms, she brought tremendous growth to the venue. However, after two years in the entertainment industry, Brittany decided it was time to expand her horizons.

In pursuit of a more fast-paced lifestyle, Brittany made the jaunt from New York to New Jersey to join the marketing team at northern New Jersey’s only Level I Trauma Center. Although challenging, Brittany was able to grow her communications and design skills by solely managing the hospital’s seven social media accounts.

In her words, “One of my favorite things to hear about this organization was ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’, and that couldn’t be more accurate.  However, working with a great group of individuals in that type of demanding environment made me into the marketing professional I am today.”

What Drew Brittany to Boulter?

“When I first applied for the position, I wasn’t completely certain of what was involved with an industrial contracting company but that’s why I was drawn to this organization—because of the versatility.  I believe the skills that I developed with my previous positions will allow me to grow with Boulter.”

Boulter New PictureBrittany’s Typical Day

If she isn’t tagging along on job sites, you can find Brittany in the office diligently working behind the scenes monitoring and maintaining Boulter’s social media channels and building the Boulter brand. While her daily responsibilities may vary, the overall goal remains the same: position Boulter as the leading provider of industrial contracting services in upstate New York.

Avid Traveler by Choice

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their dog Burrito 11241794_10205543745368004_3328920505552218603_n(Tito), a Corgi/Shiba Inu mix.  She is also passionate about traveling and enjoys taking spontaneous weekend trips with her friends. To date, Brittany’s overseas trips include exploring the canals of Venice, the streets of old San Juan, and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.  However, she hopes to venture further into parts of Europe in the next few years.


Want to learn more about Boulter’s marketing initiatives?

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Nothing to Sniff At: Installing a new scale system at a wastewater treatment facility in record time

A weights and measures contractor came to us looking for assistance with steel fabrication and installation for a new scale system at the Frank E. VanLare Wastewater Treatment Facility. They needed four steel beams, each of which weighed 800 pounds, installed to the side of an existing storage tank. Underneath each of the beams, Boulter needed to replace and install new load cells to monitor the tank weight, essentially letting the facility know when the tank was full.

Fairbanks Scales 3

While the scale replacement was a complex project involving coordination with the VanLare Facility, the scale manufacturer, Fairbanks Scales, and the contractor overseeing the project, the desired goal was straightforward. VanLare needed a more accurate weighing system for their storage tanks. The challenge was rigging, hoisting and installing these beams and cells in a tight area, high up off the plant floor, without disrupting the day-to-day facility operations. As a single source provider of rigging, fabrication and industrial transportation services, Boulter was brought in because we were able to complete all facets of the project without additional sub-contractors to further complicate the project.

Timing Is Everything

Fairbanks Scales 1Considering the size of the beams to be installed and the prime facility location where the installation had to take place, VanLare’s biggest concern for the project was potential disruption to their facility operations. Since we would be working in an area directly above where the plant’s tractor-trailer trucks enter and exit the facility throughout the day, we chose a start date when the plant was shut down. This allowed us to get all materials up off the plant floor and into the work area high above the truck entrance without any disruptions to operations.

Fairbanks Scales 4With all materials successfully in the work area, our ironworkers were able to install new steel beams onto the sides of the existing tank and the new load cells under the beams to monitor the weight of the tank. Our expert personnel were able to complete the job quickly and ultimately deliver what our customer needed, a more accurate weighing system.

Success Weighed on Results

Fairbanks Scales 2With the project started during a plant closure, we were able to get the project moving much faster than anticipated. We were given eight days to install the new beams and load cells. We were able to complete the job in half that time, finishing the whole project in four days, without disrupting plant operations. VanLare was thrilled to have their tank measurement system up and running ahead of schedule and that all project components were completed on budget without facility interruption.


The Road to BoulterFest–Looking Back on a Year of Celebration

At Boulter, we tend to go big with everything we do. It’s something our clients, partners and community notice quickly when talking with us. We bring the biggest and best equipment, team and resources to every job, and we pride ourselves in noticing, tracking and fixing even the smallest issues during a rigging or steel fabrication job.

PrintA record few companies, let alone family-owned businesses, are around long enough to celebrate 125 successful years. Celebrating our milestone 125th anniversary was a big deal, even for Boulter. However, it left the question, “How do you ‘Go Big,’ when that’s what you do in business every day?”

To commemorate our history and engage our employees and community, we started our celebration in the summer of 2016 with our first customer appreciation party. We then ramped up activities with customers, friends and employees throughout the year, culminating with “BoulterFest,” an employee and client appreciation party.

FactsTo engage our community over the summer, we developed a special logo for our anniversary, posted some fun #BoulterFacts to social media, rolled out our trucks and participated in the Webster Fireman’s parade, and were featured in the Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester Business Journal, the Monroe County Post and other local media. And coming up this fall, we will be helping the Center for Youth with their Fashion Week!

flagpolePicture1At BoulterFest, we honored our employees, customers and community who have supported us with the dedication of a newly installed eight-ton boulder and commemorative plaque reading, “With every move we make, we remain firmly planted in our history, our family, and our community.” We also honored our employees who have served in the U.S. military. Representative Louise Slaughter presented us with an American flag, which flew over the U.S. Capitol, in honor of our anniversary. During a ceremony, our veterans raised and saluted this flag on our brand new flagpole.

img_4754_36704398922_oDuring our celebration, Representative Louise Slaughter, Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and the Webster Chamber of Commerce recognized us for 125 years of service to the community. In addition, we were honored to receive an official proclamation from Mayor Lovely Warren and the City of Rochester prior to the celebration, stating that August 24, 2017 was a day to celebrate BoulterFest. We are grateful for the time and kind words our government and business leaders dedicated to helping us celebrate our anniversary.

A personal perspective

img_5142_36872588095_oOver the past year, I spent a lot of time focusing on what 125 years as a family-owned business meant. It really came down to why we are so successful here at Boulter: our history and our employees. Our history brought us to where we are. It’s the driving force of what Boulter offers. But, the men and women who work here are really the heart and soul of Boulter. They know this company, its history and its services inside and out. Many have worked here for years and some are second and third generation family employees, too. I wouldn’t be where I am without them and their dedication.

img_5140_36064107503_oSo, while this past year was a celebration of our journey and 125 years of amazing and colorful history, it was also the celebration of a bright and promising future. I’m excited by the opportunity to lead this dedicated team and thrilled to see how we evolve and grow in the next few years.

William S. Boulter
CEO & President

Celebrating 125 Years Moving Industry Forward – An Interview with William S. Boulter

William-Boulter-1128What makes a company successful for 125 years? If you are Boulter Industrial Contractors, it’s the employees and their commitment to gold-star service. Boulter’s President & CEO, William S. Boulter, says his employees motivate and inspire him every day because he knows they love what they do and are working hard to ensure the job is completed safely, thoroughly and on time and on budget. This sense of teamwork has instilled a true culture of company pride. “In this industry, we have to be an especially tight and committed team. If the jobs were easy, they wouldn’t call us. Boulter’s success has come from working hard together.”

In the video below, William S. Boulter talks more about the success.

“>William S. Boulter Video Interview

Employee Spotlight: Fred O’Neil

Your nerves tingle. Blood rushes throughout your body, pulsing loudly in your temples. Forcing your head back against the headrest of your 1997 Camaro, you clear your mind and embrace the rush. You look over and type numbers into the delay box next to you. You wrap your hands around the steering wheel and slowly push the gas pedal to the floor. The car goes forward and reverse at the same time, rocking as the engine revs with the brakes locked. Your eyes move quickly back and forth.  The color of the bulb. The timer. The color of the bulb. The timer. Adrenaline courses through your veins. You take one more deep breathe as you close your eyes. The light changes. The engine revs. There’s a jolt backwards. Then, for a few thrilling seconds, you are controlling several tons of machinery and hundreds of horsepower down a dragstrip, looking for that finish line.

Passion for Precision

Attach23203_20170816_100210Racing is true art form highlighting the power and precision of machinery, and it’s a natural hobby for Fred. When you race cars, you have to not only love the adrenaline-filled race, but also have a true passion for the precision mechanics in muscle cars and other machinery.

Fred’s love for racing and working on his car naturally extended to his work with Boulter, where he started in 1981 as a Millwright Foreman. As a millwright, he worked on machines, taking them apart and putting them together again to solve mechanical issues, just as he would with his Camaro. We think it’s safe to say Fred is not one to separate work from his hobbies.

A Wealth of Knowledge


After close to forty years with the company, Fred is an invaluable asset to Boulter. His technical skill, love of mechanics and deep knowledge of Boulter’s services and history serve him and the company every day in the office, in the field and in conversations with potential new clients. Over four decades, Fred has held several hats, including millwright, warehouse manager and now business and sales. Fred is using his years of experience and deep industry knowledge to increase Boulter’s business. With years of hands on field knowledge, Fred knows just how to relate to the customer and explain how Boulter can best serve them.

Working for Three Generations of Boulters


Starting with William T. Boulter, Fred has served under three family generations. Over 36 years, Boulter’s business, services and generations of Boulter have changed, but Fred remained a constant; learning everything about the company, its history and services, and the family that started a legacy 125 years ago.

Fred has learned something different from each of the three Boulters he’s worked with and their management style. When he first came to the company, William T. Boulter taught him about dedication to customer service. Early in his career, Fred’s work ethic was to “get up early and get it done,” but William T. Boulter taught him the importance of serving the customer, making sure they are happy with the job you are doing. Something Fred still believes true today. “The company isn’t number one; it’s the customer… if the customer is happy the boss is happy,” William T. Boulter once said.

Fred recalls William G. Boulter as an overall great guy and boss. “He really expanded the business and took Boulter’s service offerings to another level.” He remembers William S. Boulter, current CEO and President, growing up around the Boulter offices. Fred was there for William S. Boulter’s first job painting a fence at the Boulter offices and loves working alongside him as he continues to evolve and grow the business. IMG_4016

Even with almost four decades of experience and three generations of Boulter management on his resume, Fred has nothing but positive things to say about the company and his experiences. In Fred’s opinion, “Boulter is successful because of the people that work here and the quality of our equipment. We will always have the right equipment.” Fred went on to say the company is easy to work for because of the reputation, “We have a great customer base as we’ve been in the business for 125 years.”

Fred’s love and pride for the company is noticeable to anyone who talks with him. He helped build Boulter into the company it is today and he’s truly invested in making sure they continue to be successful.

Fred currently resides in Ontario, N.Y., with his wife of 35 years, Susan. He is a proud father and grandfather and the loving owner and hobby drag racer of a 1997 Camaro and 1967 Camaro RS/SS.


Employee Spotlight: Our First Intern

There’s a lot of buzz going on at Boulter this year ꟷ we’re celebrating our upcoming 125th anniversary, working to beat the 101,000 man hours logged in 2016 and making big moves with our first intern in the company’s history!

New Kid on the Block: Meet Taylor!

Taylor Valentino, of Spencerport, NY, is a rising senior at The College at Brockport majoring in marketing. At school, Valentino keeps herself busy as a Resident Assistant, member and treasurer of the international soheadshotrority Delta Phi Epsilon, and member of the Leadership Development Program, a prestigious academic certificate awarded to students at the college. She’s also active in her community serving as a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

Valentino joined the Boulter team this summer as a social media and marketing intern. This internship aligns with her coursework and major, and she sees it as a perfect opportunity to develop her marketing skills.

“I have always been interested in working with social media on a professional level,” Valentino said. “I thought Boulter would be a great place to learn from when it came to both social media and marketing.”

Her goal for the duration of this internship is to help grow Boulter’s social media presence by gaining more followers and engagements, eventually driving website traffic, building brand awareness and community, and developing thought leadership.

Valentino’s Daily Grind

You can find Valentino working hard in Boulter’s office responding to emails, keeping up with Boulter’s social media channels, creating social content calendars, writing blog posts, ordering promotional items and creating potential client lists. This summer, we put Valentino’s love for event planning to the test. In celebration of our big 125th anniversary, she assisted with the creation of a special logo, new promotional items and social media and marketing collateral. She worked closely with the whole Boulter team and family to gather historical photos, stories and 125 #BoulterFunFacts.

What’s it like at Boulter?


“Versatile,” Valentino said. “I knew it would be a challenge, but I love that I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone which has been an amazing experience.”

Before working at Boulter, Valentino knew little about the industrial industry. She has risen to the challenge with grace and a strong positive attitude, even setting a personal goal to incorporate the word “rigging” into an everyday conversation, helping her better serve and understand Boulter.

Paving the Way

Since this is Boulter’s first time having both an intern and internship program, Valentino is laying the groundwork for future Boulter interns. This has given her the opportunity to not only assist in Boulter projects, but tailor this internship to her strengths and career goals.

Although it was slightly intimidating being the company’s first intern, Valentino has set high expectations for future interns. Her advice to anyone who wants to join Boulter? “Be proactive; never be afraid to ask for more work.”

All of us here at Boulter will miss Taylor as she heads back to school in the fall, but we loved having her with us this summer.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with Boulter? Let us know in the comments!

Highlights from SC&RA Annual Conference 2017

We recently had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) Annual Conference, joining 750 other participants from across the globe to meet, learn and celebrate our industry.


The SC&RA helps members do businesses safer and more efficiently, by monitoring and affecting pending legislation and regulatory policies at the state and national levels; researching and reporting on safety concerns and best business practices; and providing four yearly forums to advance and discuss member issues. Throughout this year’s conference, we participated in committee meetings, education sessions, and presentations, while also attending the products fair and networking with other top names in the business.

After reflecting on our time at SC&RA 2017, two of our top takeaways were about what makes a great leader, and the value of sharing business challenges among peers.

You can’t lead without these 5 qualities.


This year’s keynote speaker was Captain Paul Bucha, a Vietnam War hero who received a Medal of Honor. Captain Bucha spoke of the challenges leaders face, and shared some of his own personal experiences. He left us with five key qualities necessary for great leadership: integrity, compassion, competency, confidence and humility. These qualities really resonated with us, as we would not be serving you for 125 years if we didn’t live and breathe them every day.

Discussing challenges with peers makes both of you better.

In addition to the impressive keynote presentation, we attended committee meetings for crane and rigging safety, transportation safety training, permit policy, insurance and risk management, and many more. We found each of these sessions extremely valuable, as we had the opportunity to learn from other members by discussing challenges that we all face, so that we can find ways to improve to our businesses and services.

What do you find to be most valuable when attending conferences in your industry? Let us know in the comments!



A quick look back and focus forward

Last month, the Boulter team gathered for the second annual “State of Boulter” discussion. The term discussion here is important, because unlike the “State of the Union,” this isn’t an address from me to the company. This important event is a forum to facilitate discussion about how we as a company are doing, ensuring the whole team feels engaged and active in our future. Before the event, we conducted a survey to ask what everyone wanted to address and then we talked about what worked this past year, what we are doing differently in 2017, areas for improvement, and our company goals for 2017 and beyond. Here are some highlights of what we discussed:

What worked in 2016

IMG_0488This was our fifth consecutive year of increased profitability. The team logged a total of 101,114 hours in 2016 and sent 2,065 invoices. We also spent about $1 million on new equipment to ensure we continue to provide the best service and save you money on your projects. We were certainly a busy group, and we’re thankful to our customers for being such great partners. Our projects ranged from steel fabrication to custom rigging, to production line installations and more. We’re looking forward to taking our learnings from 2016 and fine-tuning our operations to make 2017 our best year yet.

Goals for 2017 and beyond

While the last few years have been tremendous for profitability and growth, there are a 20150918_110008few different areas that we’d like to improve upon. We’d like to prioritize better communication between our employees, and invest more in ourselves to become the best industrial contracting partners for current and future customers. Communication is a challenge in our business, because many of our employees are out in the field and not reporting directly to our office every day. We’re developing a great system that will improve lines of communication for all employees, and help our leadership team manage more effectively.

In addition to improving communication, we’re also investing in our team by implementing a company-wide bonus program and focusing more on professional development. We recognize that our employees are out there doing a great deal of the heavy lifting for our customers, and we want to reward all of their hard work. Coupled with the bonus program will also be a more robust professional development initiative with more training opportunities and an organizational chart that better reflects our management structure.

It was important to us to get the team together to discuss progress, challenges and goals so that we could better serve you, our customers. We’ve been in this business for 125 years, and it’s our customers that inspire us to adapt, grow and evolve; and our employees who help make it happen. Interested in learning more about our recent work? Check out our project gallery. We’re looking forward to continuing to serve you in 2017.

—William Boulter, CEO & President

No Boiler Too Complex for Boulter

RDH9A mechanical contractor came to us looking for assistance with a boiler replacement job, complete with new catwalks, rails and access ladders, for Rochester District Heating. Boiler replacements are typically complex projects, but this particular project was especially challenging since we were working against aggressive time constraints and the project had multiple components. Our customer’s goal was a safer, more effective boiler system. The challenge? Deliver a safe and secure system, on time and on budget.

 What was our pathway to success?

RDH3In order to successfully meet our customer’s timeline, we carefully scheduled each component so that our processes would coordinate with the demolition. And because we uniquely offer all the needed services under one roof, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget. It all comes down to the Boulter promise of creating the product that our customer needs.

Our OSHA-trained crews and Qualified Riggers can safely install any machinery with ease. Our expert personnel were able to complete this job quickly, on time, and ultimately deliver the safe and secure system that our customer needed.

 How did it all come together?RDH5

The end result was exceptional. Our customers were thrilled because despite the complexity of the project, there have been no injuries onsite. We implemented the appropriate measures so that their employees can do their jobs safely, and the system could be prepared to supply heat before the cold weather hit. Thanks to their new Boulter support steel, handrail, access ladders and updated grating, Rochester District Heating was able to get back to business.

Visit our Project Gallery to find out more about other types of jobs we’ve done in the past.

The lowdown: You have to spend money to save customers’ money

“You spent how much?!” exclaimed Michele Rhoda, our CFO & VP. “One million,” I calmly repeated to her. That’s right! Boulter invested one million dollars in the latest, greatest equipment in 2016. All in the name of decreasing your costs and increasing the safety of our team and your cargo. Let me talk to you about some of my favorites.

What I tell a client when they have precious cargo …

Don’t worry. Your equipment is safe with us. We Boulter 10-Wheeler Zoomed Out 12517.jpgbought a new Peterbilt Rollback truck with air ride suspensions. This advanced technology ensures fragile equipment and machinery gently moves with the bounces, turns, and twists of its transport so nothing gets hurt. We purchased this automatic flatbed to replace our 17-year-old one that had 200,000 miles on it. She served us well, but it was time for an upgrade.

 What people are talking about …

A custom-fit utility truck that stays with our fabrication team all the time. It holds our specialty tools and equipment, allowing the team to go directly from site-to-site without stopping at the office, saving you time and money. Even better, with the additional trailer, the truck can tow up to 10,000 lbs. This gives us some flexibility to reduce our equipment needs and your costs even further.

 Why I’m giving a high-five to our new lowboy trailer…

This 55-ton, low-profile trailer can haul extra-heavy and tall equipment with weights up to 110,000 lbs. and heights of up to 12 feet. The trailer can even be detached hydraulically for quick and easy loading and unloading. Plus, the air ride suspension makes for a smooth, safe transport for your machinery and equipment.

 How I plan to not lift a finger for awhile …20170324_115642.jpg

 We bought three Hoist Liftruck forklifts, and the largest doubles our lifting capacity from
30,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. In the past, we’d often need a crane for these really heavy jobs. But with these forklifts, we can lift more weight with less equipment and team members, meaning we cost you less. All three forklifts have advanced safety features, too.

The FR Series 15/25 and 40/60 give us the flexibility of two fork trucks with one piece of equipment. With just the push of a button, these machines open up to extend their counterweights and center of gravity, giving them increased lift capacity. For the ultimate versatility, the 40/60 even comes with a hydraulically powered, multi-stage telescopic boom that can lift objects up to 26 feet in the air. Both trucks are easily maneuverable, even in tight spaces, and incredibly light, allowing for easy transportation.20170301_113225_001

Our new 18-ton pneumatic P360 runs on a high-performance Cummins diesel engine and is durable enough to withstand rugged outdoor environments and road conditions. The wide, open mast and unique low-profile counterweight allows the operator to see unobstructed views in all directions.

All of this technology isn’t just for our fun, but to better serve you—our customers. You’ve got my promise that we’ll always show up to your project’s site with the most advanced equipment to get the job done right. Interested in learning more? Check out some other pieces of our equipment.

William Boulter, CEO & President