Employee Spotlight: Fred O’Neil

Your nerves tingle. Blood rushes throughout your body, pulsing loudly in your temples. Forcing your head back against the headrest of your 1997 Camaro, you clear your mind and embrace the rush. You look over and type numbers into the delay box next to you. You wrap your hands around the steering wheel and slowly push the gas pedal to the floor. The car goes forward and reverse at the same time, rocking as the engine revs with the brakes locked. Your eyes move quickly back and forth.  The color of the bulb. The timer. The color of the bulb. The timer. Adrenaline courses through your veins. You take one more deep breathe as you close your eyes. The light changes. The engine revs. There’s a jolt backwards. Then, for a few thrilling seconds, you are controlling several tons of machinery and hundreds of horsepower down a dragstrip, looking for that finish line.

Passion for Precision

Attach23203_20170816_100210Racing is true art form highlighting the power and precision of machinery, and it’s a natural hobby for Fred. When you race cars, you have to not only love the adrenaline-filled race, but also have a true passion for the precision mechanics in muscle cars and other machinery.

Fred’s love for racing and working on his car naturally extended to his work with Boulter, where he started in 1981 as a Millwright Foreman. As a millwright, he worked on machines, taking them apart and putting them together again to solve mechanical issues, just as he would with his Camaro. We think it’s safe to say Fred is not one to separate work from his hobbies.

A Wealth of Knowledge


After close to forty years with the company, Fred is an invaluable asset to Boulter. His technical skill, love of mechanics and deep knowledge of Boulter’s services and history serve him and the company every day in the office, in the field and in conversations with potential new clients. Over four decades, Fred has held several hats, including millwright, warehouse manager and now business and sales. Fred is using his years of experience and deep industry knowledge to increase Boulter’s business. With years of hands on field knowledge, Fred knows just how to relate to the customer and explain how Boulter can best serve them.

Working for Three Generations of Boulters


Starting with William T. Boulter, Fred has served under three family generations. Over 36 years, Boulter’s business, services and generations of Boulter have changed, but Fred remained a constant; learning everything about the company, its history and services, and the family that started a legacy 125 years ago.

Fred has learned something different from each of the three Boulters he’s worked with and their management style. When he first came to the company, William T. Boulter taught him about dedication to customer service. Early in his career, Fred’s work ethic was to “get up early and get it done,” but William T. Boulter taught him the importance of serving the customer, making sure they are happy with the job you are doing. Something Fred still believes true today. “The company isn’t number one; it’s the customer… if the customer is happy the boss is happy,” William T. Boulter once said.

Fred recalls William G. Boulter as an overall great guy and boss. “He really expanded the business and took Boulter’s service offerings to another level.” He remembers William S. Boulter, current CEO and President, growing up around the Boulter offices. Fred was there for William S. Boulter’s first job painting a fence at the Boulter offices and loves working alongside him as he continues to evolve and grow the business. IMG_4016

Even with almost four decades of experience and three generations of Boulter management on his resume, Fred has nothing but positive things to say about the company and his experiences. In Fred’s opinion, “Boulter is successful because of the people that work here and the quality of our equipment. We will always have the right equipment.” Fred went on to say the company is easy to work for because of the reputation, “We have a great customer base as we’ve been in the business for 125 years.”

Fred’s love and pride for the company is noticeable to anyone who talks with him. He helped build Boulter into the company it is today and he’s truly invested in making sure they continue to be successful.

Fred currently resides in Ontario, N.Y., with his wife of 35 years, Susan. He is a proud father and grandfather and the loving owner and hobby drag racer of a 1997 Camaro and 1967 Camaro RS/SS.


Employee Spotlight: Our First Intern

There’s a lot of buzz going on at Boulter this year ꟷ we’re celebrating our upcoming 125th anniversary, working to beat the 101,000 man hours logged in 2016 and making big moves with our first intern in the company’s history!

New Kid on the Block: Meet Taylor!

Taylor Valentino, of Spencerport, NY, is a rising senior at The College at Brockport majoring in marketing. At school, Valentino keeps herself busy as a Resident Assistant, member and treasurer of the international soheadshotrority Delta Phi Epsilon, and member of the Leadership Development Program, a prestigious academic certificate awarded to students at the college. She’s also active in her community serving as a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

Valentino joined the Boulter team this summer as a social media and marketing intern. This internship aligns with her coursework and major, and she sees it as a perfect opportunity to develop her marketing skills.

“I have always been interested in working with social media on a professional level,” Valentino said. “I thought Boulter would be a great place to learn from when it came to both social media and marketing.”

Her goal for the duration of this internship is to help grow Boulter’s social media presence by gaining more followers and engagements, eventually driving website traffic, building brand awareness and community, and developing thought leadership.

Valentino’s Daily Grind

You can find Valentino working hard in Boulter’s office responding to emails, keeping up with Boulter’s social media channels, creating social content calendars, writing blog posts, ordering promotional items and creating potential client lists. This summer, we put Valentino’s love for event planning to the test. In celebration of our big 125th anniversary, she assisted with the creation of a special logo, new promotional items and social media and marketing collateral. She worked closely with the whole Boulter team and family to gather historical photos, stories and 125 #BoulterFunFacts.

What’s it like at Boulter?


“Versatile,” Valentino said. “I knew it would be a challenge, but I love that I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone which has been an amazing experience.”

Before working at Boulter, Valentino knew little about the industrial industry. She has risen to the challenge with grace and a strong positive attitude, even setting a personal goal to incorporate the word “rigging” into an everyday conversation, helping her better serve and understand Boulter.

Paving the Way

Since this is Boulter’s first time having both an intern and internship program, Valentino is laying the groundwork for future Boulter interns. This has given her the opportunity to not only assist in Boulter projects, but tailor this internship to her strengths and career goals.

Although it was slightly intimidating being the company’s first intern, Valentino has set high expectations for future interns. Her advice to anyone who wants to join Boulter? “Be proactive; never be afraid to ask for more work.”

All of us here at Boulter will miss Taylor as she heads back to school in the fall, but we loved having her with us this summer.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with Boulter? Let us know in the comments!

No Boiler Too Complex for Boulter

RDH9A mechanical contractor came to us looking for assistance with a boiler replacement job, complete with new catwalks, rails and access ladders, for Rochester District Heating. Boiler replacements are typically complex projects, but this particular project was especially challenging since we were working against aggressive time constraints and the project had multiple components. Our customer’s goal was a safer, more effective boiler system. The challenge? Deliver a safe and secure system, on time and on budget.

 What was our pathway to success?

RDH3In order to successfully meet our customer’s timeline, we carefully scheduled each component so that our processes would coordinate with the demolition. And because we uniquely offer all the needed services under one roof, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget. It all comes down to the Boulter promise of creating the product that our customer needs.

Our OSHA-trained crews and Qualified Riggers can safely install any machinery with ease. Our expert personnel were able to complete this job quickly, on time, and ultimately deliver the safe and secure system that our customer needed.

 How did it all come together?RDH5

The end result was exceptional. Our customers were thrilled because despite the complexity of the project, there have been no injuries onsite. We implemented the appropriate measures so that their employees can do their jobs safely, and the system could be prepared to supply heat before the cold weather hit. Thanks to their new Boulter support steel, handrail, access ladders and updated grating, Rochester District Heating was able to get back to business.

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